Ontario 2100 footers criteria

Posted by Derek on Jan 22, 2009

» Ontario 2100 footers list

Criteria for inclusion on the 2100 footers/640 Meter list:

  1. The point of elevation must reside in Ontario.
  2. The point of elevation must meet or exceed 2100 feet/640 meters.
  3. The peak must have a prominence of at least 164 feet/50 meters. Prominence is the vertical distance a given summit rises above the lowest col/saddle (called a key col) connecting it to a higher summit (called a line parent). The line parent is defined as the closest higher peak to a given summit, following ridge lines past the key col. This site uses clean prominence for calculating prominences; using the highest contour line at the key col, and the lowest contour line for peak closed contours. When calculating prominence, except for Ishpatina Ridge – Tower Peak, only peaks residing in Ontario are considered as candidates for line parents. See here for more about prominence.

To make a suggestion or challenge to the rules, feel free to contact me directly or post a comment on this page.

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