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Name Height Lat Lon
Ishpatina Ridge (Tower)Ishpatina Ridge (Tower) 2274 N47.3167 W80.7488
Tower MountainTower Mountain 2228 N48.3074 W90.0945
Ishpatina Ridge (North)Ishpatina Ridge (North) 2221 N47.333 W80.7336
Carson Creek PeakCarson Creek Peak 2198 N48.3547 W90.0132
Ishpatina Ridge (South)Ishpatina Ridge (South) 2188 N47.3065 W80.7651
Head Lake Peak EastHead Lake Peak East 2188 N48.2963 W90.1219
Ogidaki MountainOgidaki Mountain 2182 N46.9922 W83.9839
Griffin Lake PeakGriffin Lake Peak 2152 N47.0754 W84.3829
Prelate Lake PeakPrelate Lake Peak 2152 N48.1722 W90.3671
Blackspruce Lake PeakBlackspruce Lake Peak 2146 N47.6169 W84.324
Head Lake Peak SouthHead Lake Peak South 2133 N48.2928 W90.136
Head Lake Peak WestHead Lake Peak West 2133 N48.2982 W90.1613
Parch Creek East PeakParch Creek East Peak 2133 N47.6288 W84.3851
Little North Lake PeakLittle North Lake Peak 2126 N48.1396 W90.5864
Seal Lake PeakSeal Lake Peak 2119 N46.9949 W83.6397
Alvin Lake PeakAlvin Lake Peak 2116 N47.2455 W84.2731
Witchdoctor Lake PeakWitchdoctor Lake Peak 2113 N47.0553 W83.7638
Maple MountainMaple Mountain 2106 N47.3873 W80.3348
Gong Lake PeakGong Lake Peak 2106 N47.0482 W83.6212
Marne PeakMarne Peak 2106 N46.9562 W84.1188
Kwagama HillKwagama Hill 2106 N47.4147 W84.5589
Tip Top MountainTip Top Mountain 2103 N48.2734 W86.0037
Grey Owl PeakGrey Owl Peak 2100 N47.2503 W84.2273
Sunbeam South PeakSunbeam South Peak 2100 N48.1698 W90.4808
Spider Lakes PeakSpider Lakes Peak 2096 N47.0508 W84.5609
Batchawana MountainBatchawana Mountain 2054 N47.0652 W84.4109
Mount BaldyMount Baldy 2014 N47.7412 W84.3068
Mamainse HillMamainse Hill 1949 N47.0265 W84.6079
Sister Lake PeakSister Lake Peak 1900 N46.6346 W82.5816
Southern Ontario High PointSouthern Ontario High Point 1896 N45.6488 W78.2572
King MountainKing Mountain 1867 N46.7899 W84.3193
Rainy River District HPRainy River District HP 1857 N48.1661 W91.2561
Peak 564Peak 564 1850 N45.5675 W78.8325
Sleeping GiantSleeping Giant 1847 N48.3508 W88.8974
Manitou MountainManitou Mountain 1847 N45.4446 W78.5827
Kenora District HPKenora District HP 1834 N49.1191 W91.2942
Wilkie Lake Fire TowerWilkie Lake Fire Tower 1834 N46.5891 W82.8439
Hastings County High PointHastings County High Point 1830 N45.2407 W78.1283
Old BaldyOld Baldy 1827 N46.5768 W82.8252
Peak 556Peak 556 1824 N45.7876 W79.1116
Peak 546Peak 546 1791 N45.5956 W78.9918
Peak 545Peak 545 1788 N45.6495 W79.0167
Thunder MountainThunder Mountain 1788 N46.6481 W82.6441
Muskoka High PointMuskoka High Point 1778 N45.5075 W78.9351
Parry Sound High PointParry Sound High Point 1772 N45.8147 W79.1687
Silver PeakSilver Peak 1768 N46.111 W81.2893
Dividing Lake PP HPDividing Lake PP HP 1764 N45.3921 W78.5973
Mount BelvedereMount Belvedere 1759 N46.6466 W82.7946
Ryans MountainRyans Mountain 1716 N45.4303 W77.3049
Wolf Lake MountainWolf Lake Mountain 1654 N46.8624 W80.6617
Moger Pond PeakMoger Pond Peak 1644 N45.1613 W77.3061
Fraleck RidgeFraleck Ridge 1608 N46.9186 W80.8618
Parkin Fire TowerParkin Fire Tower 1608 N46.8692 W80.8373
Ghost Range PeakGhost Range Peak 1601 N48.5388 W79.8351
Labelle Lake PeakLabelle Lake Peak 1598 N46.708 W81.1306
Peak 486Peak 486 1594 N46.6965 W81.1752
Mount McKayMount McKay 1585 N48.3446 W89.2864
Peterborough County HighpointPeterborough County Highpoint 1424 N44.8544 W78.1855
Evergreen MountainEvergreen Mountain 1368 N45.1383 W76.9167
White MountainWhite Mountain 1266 N45.181 W76.6381
Mount AraratMount Ararat 1247 N46.122 W81.7949
Queen Elizabeth Wildlands PP HPQueen Elizabeth Wildlands PP HP 1234 N44.8765 W78.8681
Cup and SaucerCup and Saucer 1171 N45.85 W82.1062
Top of The CrackTop of The Crack 1165 N46.0613 W81.3485
Scrabble MountainScrabble Mountain 1132 N44.8295 W78.8557
Mount ArabellaMount Arabella 1079 N46.1241 W81.7701
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