County High Points

Listed below are the county high points of Ontario:

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Rank County Name Height Lat Lon
1 Sudbury District Ishpatina Ridge 2274 N47.3169 W80.7494
2 Thunder Bay Tower Mountain 2228 N48.3074 W90.0945
3 Timiskaming Ishpatina Ridge North 2221 N47.333 W80.7336
4 Algoma Ogidaki Mountain 2182 N46.9922 W83.9839
5 Nipissing Southern Ontario High Point 1896 N45.6489 W78.2573
6 Haliburton Manitou Mountain 1847 N45.44460 W78.58269
7 Kenora Kenora District High Point 1834 N49.1159 W91.2876
8 Grey Grey County High Point 1785 N44.3182 W80.3198
8 Simcoe Niagara Escarpment High Point 1785 N44.3715 W80.249
8 Rainy River Rainy River District High Point 1785 N48.167 W91.2572
11 Dufferin Dufferin County High Point 1778 N44.2066 W80.2808
11 Hastings Hastings County High Point 1778 N45.24067 W78.12825
11 Muskoka Muskoka High Point 1778 N45.5074 W78.9347
14 Parry Sound Parry Sound High Point 1745 N45.81471 W79.16865
15 Renfrew Ryan’s Mountain 1716 N45.43028 W77.30493
16 Wellington Luther Benchmark 1677 N43.8970 W80.4322
17 Sudbury City Wolf Lake Mountain 1654 N46.8626 W80.6611
18 Lennox and Addington Moger Pond Peak 1644 N45.16132 W77.30609
19 Peel Peel High Point 1621 N43.9285 W80.0318
20 Cochrane Ghost Range Peak 1601 N48.5388 W79.8352
21 Waterloo Waterloo High Point 1437 N43.5291 W80.7228
22 Peterborough Peterborough County High Point 1424 N44.8543 W78.1854
23 Perth Perth County High Point 1401 N43.3995 W80.8301
24 Frontenac Evergreen Mountain 1368 N45.1384 W76.9166
25 Halton Halton High Point 1358 N43.6564 W80.0545
26 Durham Durham High Point 1345 N44.0313 W79.0751
27 Bruce Bruce County High Point 1322 N43.9827 W81.0694
28 Huron Huron County High Point 1302 N43.9127 W80.9987
28 Kawartha Lakes Kawartha Lakes High Point 1302 N44.1323 W78.6416
30 Oxford Oxford County High Point 1283 N43.2042 W81.0179
31 Lanark White Mountain 1266 N45.1810 W76.6381
32 York York High Point 1243 N44.0287 W79.2447
33 Northumberland Northumberland County High Point 1168 N44.1107 W78.0741
34 Manitoulin Cup and Saucer 1155 N45.8500 W82.1061
35 Middlesex Middlesex County High Point 1122 N43.1424 W81.1089
36 Brant Brant County High Point 1073 N43.2677 W80.4354
37 Hamilton Hamilton High Point 1063 N43.4535 W80.0178
38 Elgin Elgin County High Point 971 N42.8909 W80.9192
39 Norfolk Norfolk County High Point 912 N42.9681 W80.5175
40 Brantford Brantford High Point 876 N43.1727 W80.3484
41 Lambton Lambton County High Point 866 N43.0073 W81.8087
42 Niagara Niagara High Point 850 N43.0516 W79.3052
43 Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent High Point 764 N42.4542 W81.7685
43 Essex Essex County High Point 764 N42.0662 W82.6599
45 Haldimand Haldimand County High Point 758 N42.9749 W79.9563
46 Leeds and Grenville Leeds and Grenville High Point 696 N44.7798 W76.4231
46 Toronto Toronto High Point 696 N43.7796 W79.4922
48 Ottawa Ottawa High Point 545 N45.2347 W76.0508
49 Prince Edward East Picton Bay Hill 509 N44.0318 W77.1125
50 Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry High Point 410 N45.236 W74.8755
51 Prescott and Russell Vankleek Hill 404 N45.5157 W74.6567
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The Ontario County High Points List was created by Greg Slayden of Ontario is administratively divided into 51 units that are a mixture of counties, unified counties, regional municipalities, districts, cities, and municipalities. Elevation measurements were taken from the 1:20,000-scale Ontario Base Maps (OBM) series produced by Ontario’s Ministry of Natural Resources. These maps feature a 10-metre contour interval and an extensive set of spot heights for which the ministry reports a vertical accuracy of 2.5 metres. Contour interval accuracy is 5 metres. All the spot elevations in the OBM data were downloaded, matched to their county by a point-in-polygon operation, and the highest spot elevations picked out. When encountering multiple spot elevations of the same height in the same general location, one representative point was picked. Also, some OBM spot elevations were clearly erroneous outliers and had to be discarded. In general, a 1-meter difference in spot elevations was considered significant, and these lower points were not considered high-point candidates.

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